The Kranich Museum Artist in Residence Program

The Kranich Museum’s Artist in Residence program was newly established with the opening of the museum in September 2011. The residency and museum aims to support the development of artists of diverse ages, backgrounds, and disciplines. The museum building is one of 2,000 manor houses in the region and was renovated by a team of artists from four continents in response to the existing architectural elements. It houses international contemporary art that explores the crane, a bird that stops on the West Pomeranian planes every spring and autumn on its migratory flight from northern Europe to Spain and North Africa.

The Artist in Residence program provides an opportunity for artists from around the world to work in a striking, natural environment. The projects developed during the residency are considered for exhibition in the museum dedicated to site-specific works that respond to the disarmingly simple theme of ‘crane’ with complex, ephemeral, conceptual art.

The artist in residence program, housed in the former coach house beside the manor, will host a range of writers, composers and visual artists throughout the winter. The Kranich Museum provides a furnished apartment on the museum’s grounds, access to a workshop and studio space. Resident artists have unlimited access to the Kranich Museum building, collection and library. Bicycles are available for use, and the residency program reimburses travel costs from Berlin-Saal-Berlin return.

The Kranich Museum maintains a casual environment, and it is up to the artists to develop their own work schedule. Hessenburg is a small town in a sparsely populated area by the Baltic Sea, and artists may spend a great deal of time alone. A residency therefore ideal for those artists who seek a quiet and sympathetic environment with few distractions. The average residency lasts one to three months; this can be adjusted according to individual needs and the resources of the museum.

To apply for a residency, please send the following to the Kranich Museum at the address below by April 2nd, 2012:

Cover letter
/ Proposal of a project you would develop during the residency


20 PDF or JPEG digital files (2 MB maximum file size per image) or other relevant documentation

Please email submissions to

For questions about the Artist in Residence program or the submission process, contact Dr Bettina Klein,

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