Spring 2012. A View to the Heavens. By Museum Director, Dr. Bettina Klein.

Kranich Museum opened the 2012 season with a view to the heavens. On 1st April the astrologist Dr Jürgen Hamel from the Archenhold-Sternwarte of Berlin held a talk ‘How the Crane Went to Heaven’. The constellation of the crane can only be seen in southern skies. We saw it as a coloured animal on the historical star charts of Dr Hamel, one of which he presented to Kranich Museum at the end of his talk. Maybe it will figure as an inspiration to one of the Museum’s artists for an installation?

Despite the cold weather, our visitors took full advantage of our opening day activities and travelled in coaches to the cranes’ pastures in the surrounding areas. The children rode on a donkey. The coaches are always there on public holidays. The donkey is a bit moody, so one never knows whether he will put in an appearance!

The Museum is well visited every weekend. Since the arrival of the summer weather, many of our visitors have been enjoying walks in the park with a break in the old smithy. Take a look at the menu of our new head chef, David Müller. It’s enough to tempt a crane away from his wheat!  http://www.schmiede-hessenburg.de

On Sunday afternoons between 3 pm and 4 pm children and adults can now fold and decorate paper cranes under the guidance of Heike Leopold. Tales and fables of the crane from around the world are also told.

Thorsten Gall and his brother Lutz working together with Hermann Holtz have managed to rid the final third of the park of the weeds. Virgin spaces and bizarre exotic plants uprooted in the storms wait for their designer, Ludivine Gracy. Will she stick to her original plans after her long stay in Japan? Fresh insights, different approaches, is she going to throw something new into the mix? We are all waiting with baited breath.

And the cranes? They arrived as quietly as ever in spring, not autumn’s hooting flocks. They found tucked away, hidden places for themselves and there they danced, courted and filled the air with their mating calls. A divine, moving spectacle, largely spared of the binoculars of curious tourists. Having only just arrived, they fly on and take with them their secrets far north. There they nurture their young and linger until autumn when they return to us once again for a few weeks for a break en route.

We proudly present a new DVD ‘The Crane in Ancient World Art’, produced by Emma and Kai. Emma Howes is the artist of the much-noticed installation, which was woven into the architecture of the foyer of the museum by Kai Meyer. It was through this installation that Professor Dr Ragnar K Kinzelbach came by us. We hope to be able to open this year’s crane week in autumn (23.9.12 from 10am) with his talk about the historical record of the profound relationship between cranes and human beings.

We have Alex Schweder to thank for the second new DVD, which documents the superb lecture given by Dr Masako Shono: ‘1000 cranes, the crane in world art’.

A third DVD, which is dedicated to the history of manor houses of the type here in Hessenburg, is currently being worked on. Manor houses of this number and architectural variety and importance can only be found in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. And only in Hessenburg is there a stately manor house in which cranes have found a way in by way of their artistic representations.

We will keep you informed and invite you to visit this unique atmospheric place. Experience it for yourself!

Masako Shono presenting her lecture '1000 Cranes, the Crane in World Art', now the subject of a Kranich Museum DVD.

Masako Shono presenting her lecture ‘1000 Cranes, the Crane in World Art’, now the subject of a Kranich Museum DVD.

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