A wonderful summer nearly over, the crane week to come. By Dr Bettina Klein.

It has been a good summer for the Kranich Museum. We welcomed many visitors. And even more will come, as the crane season is getting to its climax; the air is already filled with their cries and the field around the Kranich Museum are getting crowded.

The first summer program was very successful. On July 14th a handicraft market attracted many visitors.

The Jazz concert of the Graewer Jazz Trio in the central room of the Kranich Museum on August 4th was excellent and showed how brilliant the museum’s acoustics are.

The following day, August 5th the same room was the stage for our first sermon in low German dialect with heart-warming pastor Prophet (That is the pastor’s name!).

On September 1st a branch of the Barth registry office became a part of the Kranich Museum. Inquiries have already started coming in. Who wouldn’t want to marry under the symbols of the bird of luck and longevity?

On September 9th, the national day of monuments, the Friedrich-Lisch-Preis was presented at a special ceremony to Kranich Museum director Bettina Klein for the Gutshof Project Hessenburg. It recognises her work in the restoration of the manor house at Hessenburg in which the Kranich Museum is housed. The prize – not least the small sum of money that came with it- is encouraging and it is good that attention is being drawn to manor houses in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. On September 9th, TV NDR covered the”re-vitalisation” of the manor house with Alte Schmiede and “tower” on occasion of the prize.

On Sept. 23th we celebrate the beginning of the crane week. At 11 am Pastor Reimer will talk about the genealogy of the aristocratic owners of Hessenburg. Most amazing to all of us: The von Hesse family, who used to own the manor house, had 2 cranes as heraldic symbol! Thereafter carriages and horses will take visitors to the feeding places of the cranes.

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